About J's Communications

J’s has been in the wireless communications business and serving the Central Valley for over 27 years.

We only sell the Motorola brand because they’re the world’s leader in two-way radio communications since WWll...why settle for second best?

Our authorized Motorola Service Center has knowledgeable, trained, certified technicians and sales people that design simple and elite systems, perform installs, including in-building projects and vehicle radios, sirens and other equipment, as well as repairing all of the above.

We service what we sell, and our customers expect full services. Not everyone who wants to sell you a radio can say that.

J’s takes pride in our reputation in the Valley. We have worked hard to gain the trust and respect of our nearly 1000 customers. We are honest and have proven ourselves by the long relationships we’ve maintained with our customer base, including the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department who has been our largest customer for the past 20 years. It has never been about making a quick profit, it has always been about helping you work smarter, effectively, and efficiently. We build systems to increase production and limit down time.

We also take part in the community by supporting local groups and charities. J’s has sponsored golf tournaments, children’s sports teams and donated the use of radios to non profit organizations. We live and work in this community!

With J’s, you are working with an honest company dedicated to customer service!