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Evolve combines the data capabilities of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device. A CBRS-ready LTE handheld built for business: it is ready to evolve with your changing network needs.

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Introducing Evolve handheld LTE device

The Evolve handheld LTE device combines intuitive user experience and open platform architecture with the ruggedness and reliability expected of a critical communications device.

A Future with Nitro

Imagine a platform that embraces opportunity and redefines what a radio network can do. Nitro gives enterprise businesses the foundation to make this future a reality. Combining business-critical voice with private broadband data, Nitro gives current radio networks a boost and prepares businesses for what’s next.

Motorola EP900W


EP900W Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece with In-Line Push to Talk Operational Critical Wireless Earpiece PTT

Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

Motorola WM500


WM500 Wireless POC Remote Speaker Microphone

Audio accessory-operational critical wireless remote speaker mic

Motorola RM250


RM250 Wired Remote Speaker Microphone

Remote Speaker Microphone Audio Accessory