Motorola VT100 Body-worn Camera

Motorola VT100 Body Cameras


Motorola VT100 Body Camera

The VT100 delivers a customizable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution. 720p HD video. Remote alarm activation. Customer-friendly design. Seamless integration with existing CCTV.

The indisputable evidence captured by a VT100 is perfect for incident management and response.

Record. Respond. Protect.
Creating a safe working environment is a top priority. Thanks to remote alarm activation, the VT100 empowers control room teams to respond swiftly when incidents occur. Protecting your people and promoting a safety-first culture.


  • VMS Integration
  • Remote Alarm Activation
  • Up To 3 Hours Continuous Recording
  • Six Month Stand-By Battery-Life
  • 16GB Recording Storage Capacity
  • Full HD Recording
  • Wi-Fi® Streaming Capabilities
  • Flexible Mounting Options